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Dansie Shopping Cart
Customer Testimonials of
the Dansie Shopping Cart
and Technical Support:

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The Dansie cart.pl is the product of a brilliant mind. Try to setup 
SoftCart, Web Store, RediCart, PerlShop...Only then will you truly 
appreciate Dansie's simplicity. 

I wasted nine days setting up and troubleshooting another shopping cart, 
finally decided I'd given it my best and had to move on. I sent an e-mail 
with questions about Dansie's cart and it was answered 
promptly. (I sent e-mails to four other shopping cart vendors. I'm still 
haven't heard from two of them and the other two didn't respond until 
three days had passed.)

I ordered Dansie's shopping cart last night . I do not profess to be an 
expert at HTML or FTP, but your Read Me is comprehensive and easy to 
understand. I had the script up and running in 20 minutes. 

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

I learned a lot from studying the sites of other Dansie Shopping Cart 
users and regret that my site will be password protected when I'm 
finished. (Only representatives of the sock manufacturer I work for will 
have the password.) However, if someone wants to study my HTML -- or 
should I say the HTML Adobe Pagemill generates and I manipulate -- send 
an e-mail to msicard@bluechipsocks.com mentioning Dansie and I'll e-mail 
the password.

Mary A. Sicard

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for the
great product and service you have provided to us here at Philatelic
Phantasies.  Your cart is extremely easy to understand and tailer to our
needs.  In addition, it is easy for our clients to navigate through as can
be witnessed by the orders we received on our very first day in operation. 

We also appreciate the technical assistance we received from you
during the installation process.  Your speedy efforts in working with our
ISP were appreciated as were your very prompt and couteous responses to the
few questions we had while we were tweeking the design of the cart itself.

I certainly will recommend you and your cart to others who are
looking for a no-nonsense simple but effective internet shopping tool.

Thanks again,

Dave DeTullio

I've also been very pleased with how well your program works. You have a great
product, and it's no wonder that you have such an incredibly fantastic 
reputation among website developers. I belong to a variety of discussion lists, 
and whenever anyone asks for shopping cart recommendations, there are always 
several who write in with glowing reports about not only your shopping cart but 
also how friendly and quick you are to respond. Now I understand from personal 

Shirley Kaiser (SKDesigns)

I installed the script at  www.southernmilitaria.com  in about 15 minutes!!!

I was a bit apprehensive at first as to whether or not the script would be
compatible with the existing catalog, the catalog is driven by mySQL and
PHP3.  The alterations that I needed to make to my client's catalog where
very minimal .  All changes were done in just a few hours.

The customization you have made available is great, I utilized the custom
shipping charges already (included Priority Mail w/insurance, Reg Mail
w/insurance, and 3 different FEDEX rates in the shipping options). I also
used the additional payment option to include Check by FAX.

Thanks again,
Lyle Falla
ShadeTree Computing

This is just to let you know how impressed with the shopping cart software
and your GREAT response to my e-mails requesting help!!  I am so pleased
with how well this works, especially for someone like me who is on a budget
and simply can't afford to put out a bunch of up-front capital to get a
retail site going!  I am adding your button to our website today!  Also, I
greatly appreciate you adding x.com's "PayPal" compatibility to this cart! 

Carrie McKay

I'm so pleased with my Dansie Shopping Cart I hardly know where to start. 
Your guidance has been invaluable in getting me started. I seem to have a 
penchant for asking all those stupid questions..... and you have always 
provided timely, useful and "user friendly" guidance. Your technical assistance
 [Chris Nielson in particular] went way beyond the "call of duty", and was 
instrumental in solving a real crisis with my host server, that was NOT related 
to the shopping cart!!

Please add my name to the list of your [many] supporters. And thanks for doing 
a great job. You have lived up to my best expectations and more. I only wish 
I had purchased your cart six months ago!!

Joe Hussar

Thank you so much for creating such a user-friendly and versatile shopping 
cart. Starting in early 1998, I have set it up for approximately 18 clients. 
Each client has wanted it to do something unique and the cart has been able 
to be adapted to meet each need. The few times I had to ask you for specific 
help, your response was immediate and accurate. The only problem I had was 
with one corporate client who was afraid such an inexpensive cart wouldn't 
be reliable. Their cart has been running since May, 1999 and I haven't heard 
anything but compliments from them.

The one client who hired me to set up a pre-packaged mall-type shopping cart 
ended up paying a lot of money for a clearly inferior product. I learned a 
lesson also and I continue to be loyal to the Dansie cart.

I thank you and my accountant thanks you!

Terry Glasco


I just wanted to let you know that I have bought 2 copies of your shopping
cart and I have never once been disappointed.  Your product is wonderful.
You customer service is unbelievable.  I can't thank you enough.  Keep up
the good work.  I you  would like to use my website to help sell your
shopping cart, please feel free!

Thanks so much for everything!!!

Danielle Radke

I could not be more pleased with the Dansie shopping cart, or with the
Support and Service I received from Chris. I had some troubles due to my
own lack of skills and knowledge, But Chris here was patient, professional
and prompt and got every thing that I messed up fixed, and working like a
charm. The Dansie shopping cart is great piece of work, it can be
configured to anything you need it to do ( wonder if it makes coffee? ) and
best of all it integrates with Your web site, you don't have to build your
site around it or a template that you have no control over. Dollar for
Dollar, Feature for Feature and with prompt, personal and professional
service and support The Dansie shopping cart is in my opinion the only
choice. Thanks for your great work Chris.

Jeffrey Swansey

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