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Dansie Shopping Cart
Take Dansie Shopping Cart for a spin...

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Pretend Products:
Demonstration of
Black Leather purse with leather straps.
Black Leather purse with leather straps
Price: $20.00

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Demonstration of
Mens Tie.
Mens Tie
Price: $40.00

Size: Color: Tie clip? Quantity:

Demonstration of
with custom
  Gift Basket
Gift Basket
Price: $50.00 plus $1.00 per Rose
Includes Delivery

Enter special message for loved one here:

Recipient Shipping Address:
Roses: Chocolates? Quantity:

Demonstration of sending multiple items to the cart at one time:
Banana Split
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Demonstration of
flat-file database capabilities:

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Demonstration of
flat-file database
search capabilities:
The Dansie Shopping Cart 3.0 comes with a powerful built-in search engine for your flat-file databases. Try entering these keywords and see the different results you get: book, handbook, ziglar, clothing, shoe, tie.
Search For:
Price Range:
Items per page:
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Demonstration of
easy access
to shopping cart:
View Your Shopping Cart Always place an easy to find graphical link back to the shopping cart somewhere on each page of your website. This link should say something like "View Cart" or "Checkout". This makes it easy for your customers to continue shopping while knowing they can easily find their way back to the shopping cart at any time to complete their purchase. Go ahead, click on the image. The shopping cart comes with this standard image, or you can make your own.
Demonstration of
Server Side Include
shopping basket summary:
Shopping Cart Summary
Items in basket: 0
Subtotal: $ 0.00

View Details / Checkout
You can insert custom text into the header and footer of the summary page.
The Dansie Shopping Cart can be called via a Server Side Include (SSI) on a web page to show your shoppers a summary of their basket contents. You could insert the virtual include in a web page, or have the summary appear in a pop-up window as you see when you click the button below.
Example of SSI tag:
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/cart.pl?summary"-->
See section 3 in the Template.html file of the ReadMe package for details.

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