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<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="https://www.dansie.net/cgi-bin/scripts/cart.pl"> <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=db VALUE="stuff.dat"> <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=return VALUE="https://www.dansie.net/shopping-cart-search-form/"> Category: <SELECT NAME=category> <OPTION VALUE="">All Categories <OPTION>Books <OPTION>Clothing <OPTION>Hotel </SELECT> <BR> Search For: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=search SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=30> <BR> Method: <SELECT NAME=method> <OPTION VALUE="any_words">Any Words <OPTION VALUE="all_words">All Words <OPTION VALUE="phrase">As A Phrase </SELECT> <BR> Price Range: <SELECT NAME=price> <OPTION VALUE="">Any price <OPTION VALUE="10">Less than $10 <OPTION VALUE="10-20">$10 to $20 <OPTION VALUE="20-10000">$20 to $10000 </SELECT> <BR> Items per page: <SELECT NAME=display> <OPTION VALUE="5">5 Items per page <OPTION VALUE="10">10 Items per page <OPTION VALUE="25">25 Items per page <OPTION VALUE="50">50 Items per page </SELECT> <BR> <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Search!"> </FORM>

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