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Shopping Cart Remote Hosting

Dansie Shopping Cart
Remote Shopping Cart Hosting Services:

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Already have a web store, but your host wont allow you to run cgi scripts? We have a solution for you! Remotely hosted shopping cart services. All you would need to do is:
  • Sign up.
  • Insert some purchase buttons into the pages of your web store. You would set these FORMs to the same ACTION as you see in this example.
  • Put your merchant name in your forms like so:
    <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=merchant VALUE="MerchantNameHere">
  • Login to your account and upload your variables file (in the ReadMe Package) which will set the preferences you would like your shopping cart to use. Like your company logo, wallpaper, font colors, font sizes, shipping methods, sales tax, payment options, and much more! Even the language it uses!
Order service today and start using your remotely hosted shopping cart immediately, even without a credit card.

You may get a 10 day free trial too!

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