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Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version

Dansie Shopping Cart

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Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version

Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version can handle an unlimited number of merchants (web stores) simply by creating subdirectories in your cgi-bin with new custom vars.dat and lang.dat files. Each merchant can have the cart speak the language of their choice, their own custom variable settings, own real-time credit card processor, etc. Orders will be emailed directly to the individual merchant.

There are two basic differences when using the mall version:
  • Individual custom vars.dat and lang.dat files.
    You will create a subdirectory for each merchant and keep that merchants own vars.dat file (variables) and lang.dat file (language) in it.

  • HTML forms and databases are called with the "merchant" tag. The value of the "merchant" tag corresponds to the name of the subdirectory.

    In the HTML product forms you add this extra line in each form:
    <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME=merchant VALUE="MerchantNameHere">
    If you choose to utilize flat-file product databases, they would be accessed like this:
    Instead of:
These two things will tell the cart script which set of variable settings and language to use.

Put the two items below into the cart. The ACTION with both buttons calls upon the same script. But notice the forms call upon different variable files and language files, radically changing the appearance of the cart, and of course, who would receive the orders. One Mall Version cart.pl script runs the show and you can make as many subdirectories with as many different vars.dat and lang.dat files as you wish.

Men's Tie
Mall Demo #1
Black Leather purse with leather straps
Price: $20.00

View a database example

Men's Tie
Mall Demo #2 (in French)
Men's Tie
Price: $40.00

View a database example

Web Based Upload Utility Feature

The Dansie Shopping Cart Mall Version has a built-in web based upload utility feature that allows merchants to login and upload their vars.dat and lang.dat files 24 hours a day with their web browser - without bugging you. You set their passwords and control how much file space they are allowed for their subdirectory.

You can see a working demo of the Web Based Upload Utility Feature here.
Username: test
Password: test

Feel free to view files, delete files, upload files, make directories and delete directories.

Upgrade to a Mall Version!

Already have a Standard Version shopping cart and wished it could handle more web stores? A Standard Version license can be upgraded to a Mall Version for the difference in price. This is not a new license, but an upgrade for an existing license. Sorry, multiple standard version licenses cannot be combined towards an exchange for a Mall Version.

We can FTP in and install the upgrade for you at no extra charge and also set up two example merchant demos so you can see how it all works.

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