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Shopping Cart Form Source

Dansie Shopping Cart
An example of a form that sends multiple products to the cart.

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This HTML form...
<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.dansie.net/cgi-bin/scripts/cart.pl">

Item: Quantity:<BR>

<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="name" VALUE="multi-items">
<INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="return" VALUE="http://www.dansie.net/shopping-cart-demo/">

<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="multi-item1" VALUE="Banana Split|3.95|1|split.jpg|A delicious ice cream treat.">
Banana Split<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="quantity1"  VALUE="1" SIZE=2 MAXLENGTH=2><BR>

<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="multi-item2" VALUE="Pineapple|2|1|pineapple.jpg|A juicy pineapple.">
Pineapple<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="quantity2" VALUE="1" SIZE=2 MAXLENGTH=2><BR>

<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME="multi-item3" VALUE="Watermelon|3|1|watermelon.jpg|A ripe watermelon.">
Watermelon<INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="quantity3" VALUE="1" SIZE=2 MAXLENGTH=2><BR>

<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT NAME="add" VALUE="Put in my cart!">

Makes this...
Banana Split

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