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Shopping Cart Credit Cards

Dansie Shopping Cart

Credit Card Transactions:

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There are three basic ways the Dansie Shopping Cart can handle credit card transactions:
  1. You may utilize the services of a real-time credit card processor and secure server. Not only are your customers credit card numbers safely encrypted, but funds are transferred immediately from your customers bank account to yours! The Dansie Shopping Cart currently works with over 20 popular real-time credit card processors.
  2. The Dansie Shopping Cart can collect your customers credit card numbers for you if you have a security certificate and a merchant account but don't want to use real-time credit card processing. The Dansie Shopping Cart comes with an extra script called "ssl.pl". It's a separate script in the case that your secure host is remote. See below for details.
    • If you have a site security certificate that allows you to access the documents on your site via "https", then the ssl.pl script can accept the credit card numbers in a secure manner. Your web host can help you in obtaining a security certificate for your website.
    • If your host has PGP or GPG installed, the ssl.pl script can encrypt the credit card numbers before they are either emailed to you or appended to a datafile on your host. Works on Unix and Windows hosts. See the Secure Server Variables in the ReadMe for details.
  3. Not accept credit cards at all. You can turn that payment option off.

How the ssl.pl CGI script works:
  • Your customer chooses: "Secure Online Credit Card Transaction" in the Dansie Shopping Cart.
  • Your customer submits their shipping address.
  • The ssl.pl script then accepts your customer's billing address and information and credit card number.
  • It can perform some error checking to verify that the credit card number is not randomly picked or entered incorrectly.
  • If their credit card number matches the format for the credit card type, your customer's billing information and credit card number will be emailed to you with PGP encryption or appended to a datafile on your host, and they will be sent back to the cart to get their printable customer receipt.

How to install:
  • To install the ssl.pl script to work with your Dansie Shopping Cart, just upload it to your secure server/host in ASCII format.
  • Chmod it 755.
  • Set PGP and other custom variables in ssl.txt.
  • Set Secure Server Variable #1 in your vars.dat file to the full URL of where your ssl.pl script is located. Example: https://www.YourSecureHost.com/cgi-bin/ssl.pl
  • You can also choose the font color, font face and background color on the pages of the ssl.pl script and what card types it accepts. See the Secure Server Variables in the ReadMe for details.

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