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Dansie Mail

A simple to install yet robust CGI Perl script that allows your website visitors to send you email through a form... and not spam bots.

  • Protects your email address from spambot harvesting. Spambots roam the net parsing web pages for email address. Removing your email address from your website and using a FORM instead is one way to reduce the amount of spam you would otherwise receive. This also provides a valuable service for your website visitors allowing them to easily contact you.

  • Uses CAPTCHA image verification. It has a new security question feature that uses CAPTCHA image verification to prevent spam bots from submitting spam through your mail form.

  • Customizable forms. Dansie Mail is very customizable and you can use an unlimited number of fields and form elements in your form.

  • Record and view submissions via an included flat-file database reader. It's more than just a form-to-mail script in that it can record all submissions to a flat-file database that can be easily read with the included sidekick script.

  • GnuPG encryption. It works with GnuPG to encrypt email from your web server to your personal computer.

  • How it works: You set a few variables inside the variables file and upload the variables file and script to your cgi-bin. Last, you paste an HTML FORM into one of your web pages. Now your website visitors can contact you! A simple example:

    This HTML FORM:
    <FORM ACTION="https://www.YourName.com/cgi-bin/dansiemail.pl" METHOD=POST>
    Name: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="name"><BR>
    Email: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="email"><BR>
    Subject: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="subject"><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="required" VALUE="email,name,body">
    <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="redirect" VALUE="https://www.YourName.net/ThankYou.html">
    < !--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/dansiemail.pl?security_question"-->
    Makes this:

  • Works on Unix and Windows web servers. On Unix servers it can work with either standard sendmail or socket with your SMTP address to send out email. On a Windows server it can work with either Windmail, Blat or your server's socket. Check with your host that they allow your CGI scripts to send out email through one of these programs. If your host doesn't allow your CGI scripts to send out email through one of these programs, Dansie Mail can still work for you as it has the ability to record all submissions to a file-file database on your server.

  • FREE! Dansie Mail is a FREE CGI Perl script.

  • Your donations are appreciated! Dansie.net has provided Dansie Mail for FREE since 2001! For those of you that have appreciated our product and would like to encourage the future development of Dansie Mail, we appreciate your donations!

  • Installation assistance. If you need assistance installing Dansie Mail on your website, our programming services are available at $50 per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour. Charges for installation and programming services are NON-REFUNDABLE. You can order installation service here. Script installation includes inserting one form on one of your web pages. After you order, send us your FTP info using this secure form. Include the URL to the page on your website where you would like the FORM inserted.

You can download Dansie Mail here.

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