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Dansie Search Engine

Dansie Search Engine

A CGI Perl search engine script that will allow visitors to search your web site real-time. Powerful and easy to use. Organizes search results in an easy to read fashion. Great for small to medium size websites.
Search: https://www.dansie.net
(Some words to try: search engine, testimonials, technical support, eCommerce, credit cards)
Dansie Search Engine Features:
  • Easy installation. Only four required variables to configure.
  • Other variables include the control of font color, wallpaper, link and vlink colors, etc.
  • Ignores your HTML tags.
  • Displays keywords found in bold.
  • All pages of search results are hyper-linked and sorted in order of best ranking matches.
  • It will ignore certain directories and file names that you specify as private.
  • Maintains a log of keywords that your visitors enter. Only you will be able to see the log with a password you define. Helpful for seeing what your visitors are interested in.
  • Runs on Perl.
  • Unix, Linux and Windows servers.
  • Comes with installation assistance if you have any problems installing it.
  • It uses an Intelligent Default search method that will use all three of the other search methods automatically (Any Words, All Words and Phrase), but rank the search results with the highest scoring matches listed first. Phrase matches are ranked highest, then All Words matches and finally Any Words matches are ranked lowest. Also, Any Words matches are ranked according to which ones have the most matches if more than one search word is used.
  • It will limit the number of listings displayed per page and provide a link to the next page.
  • The short description for each listing is very concise and accurate. You control how many page scraps are shown with each listing.
  • It has a new Power Search option so searchers can limit the scope of their search if they desire.
  • It can do exact or partial word matching. The user can decide if they want their search for "king" to also find documents containing "viking". Or if their search for "shirt" should also return documents containing "shirts".
View the ReadMe.

Order the Dansie Search Engine today!

One licensed copy is $50

Online technical support is available with all Dansie Search Engine purchases. This includes answers to any questions you may have about installation and how to use it. We will FTP in and install it for you at no extra charge if you have any problems installing it. A license is a one time charge and there are no monthly fees.

Volume Discount Order. Five licenses for $200

Web designers special. Five licenses at a 20% discount. Technical support and installation assistance is included with each license.

License Agreement:
Use of the Dansie Search Engine software is subject to the terms of the license agreement. By using this software you signify that you have read the license agreement and accept its terms. Your purchase of a Dansie Search Engine software license entitles you to one (1) working copy of the script per license. You may NOT copy, reproduce, resell, or give away copies of the script in any way shape or form without first purchasing additional licenses. You may make one back up copy should something happen to the working copy on your host. You may not make any modifications to the Dansie Search Engine script except as instructed in the ReadMe. The small text link and credit to https://www.dansie.net must remain in the script and appear at the bottom of the various pages of search engine script. Violation of this license agreement may void your right to technical support and subject you to legal action.
Dansie Search Engine
Version 1.0 © January 15, 1998
Version 2.0 © October 11, 2001

Refund Policy:
Make sure that your web host allows you to run CGI Perl scripts on your website before you order. 30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase if the Dansie Search Engine does not run on your website as advertised. If necessary, we will FTP in and get it running for you. For any and all other reasons, all software license sales are final and are non-refundable.

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