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By signing up for remote hosting service you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I understand that from time to time there are bad connections in the internet and that the host of www.dansie.net could go down periodically. I hold Dansie Website Design harmless for any loss of business that may occur if there is a bad connection in the internet or the host of www.dansie.net is down. I promise to send funds for the amount of service that I am ordering. I understand that my account will be set up immediately and that I may begin using it immediately and I further understand if Dansie Website Design does not receive payment within 10 days of this order Dansie Website Design will freeze my remote shopping cart hosting account and service until payment is received. My account comes with 100k of space in which to upload my variable preferences, language file, and optional flat-file databases.

Dansie.net has zero tolerance with spam (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Your remote hosting account may NOT be used to solicit or take orders for a company that conducts UCE to solicit business. First offence you will be issued a warning. Second offence, your account will be terminated without refund.

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