Dansie Shopping Cart Referral Program
Dansie Shopping Cart Referral Program
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How can I get a free Dansie Shopping Cart?

You can earn one free Dansie Shopping Cart software license for every three referrals who purchase a Dansie Shopping Cart. Here's how it works:
  • Sign up.
  • You place a link on one of your web pages like so:
    <A HREF="http://www.dansie.net/cgi-bin/referral.pl?id=YourDomain.com">
    <IMG SRC="http://www.dansie.net/images/dansie_cart.gif" BORDER=1></A>
    Which will make a linking banner like this:
  • When someone visiting your website clicks on that link, the referral program will set a cookie in their browser.
  • If they order a Dansie Shopping Cart, it will be logged in your account.
  • When three people order you will receive a credit for a free Dansie Shopping Cart software license.
  • You can login to your account to view your referrals and credits.

How can I sign up?

Your website domain name (e.g., "domain.com"):
This will be used as your referrer ID.
Choose a password:
Letters and numbers only.
Your first and last name:
Your email address:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How does the Referral Program know that I referred people to www.dansie.net?
    A: By linking to the referral.pl program, it will set a cookie in peoples web browsers. The value of the cookie is your domain name/referral ID that you used when you signed up with the Referral Program. After someone places an order, the shopping cart will let the Referral Program know that an order has been placed. At that time, the Referral Program will check to see if they have a referral cookie, and if so, log it into your referral account.
  • Q: When does the referral cookie expire?
    A: One year.
  • Q: What if someone doesn't order a cart immediately after they click on my referral link?
    A: Since the referral cookie is set to expire in one year, you would still get credit for the referral if they come back to purchase a cart 11 months later.
  • Q: Someone I know ordered a cart today, but why don't I see them listed in my referral account?
    A: It could be because they didn't click on one of your referral links before they ordered, or their browser is set to refuse cookies. Email us your friends exact email address they used when they placed the order and the exact date when they ordered, we can manually enter the referral for you.
  • Q: I see a new referral in my account, but when will it be "verified"?
    A: The Referral Program will update all referrals every 24 hours to confirm if an order is verified or not. If someone ordered via check/money order, verification could take a week or more, depending when their money order arrives.
  • Q: Does a purchase of a Volume Discount Order of 5 licenses count as 5 referrals?
    A: A purchase of a Volume Discount Order of 5 licenses does NOT count as 5 referrals. The two discounts can't be combined. However, it will be counted as one referral.
  • Q: Can the www.dansie.net text link and credit at the bottom of the shopping carts pages use my referral ID?
    A: Yes. See Personal Variable #79 in the latest ReadMe for details.
  • Q: Can I get credit for referrals prior to the date I sign up with the referral program?
    A: No, sorry. You may get credit for referrals beginning from the date you sign up with the referral program. So sign up today!
  • Q: Do you sell my email address to spammers? What is your privacy policy concerning my email address?
    A: We are very strongly against unsolicited commercial email and report offenders daily. Your email address will not be given to anyone else.

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