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Dansie Anti Spam

Dansie Anti Spam 3.0 is more than just a server-side email filtering program, it's now a complete browser-based email management suite. It's wide range of features include:
  • A very user friendly browser-based interface.
  • Unlike client-side email filtering programs, this program runs server-side. It can automatically filter your POP email accounts for you before you download your email, saving you time and bandwidth.
  • It can filter an unlimited number of POP email accounts on the same server and drive, limited only by your server's system resources.
  • Your POP email accounts can be filtered automatically every minute by calling the script with a cronjob.
  • Log into your server's POP email accounts with any internet connected computer and browser.
  • Read your email and attachments from your browser. Thumbnail previews are conveniently shown for image attachments.
  • Compose and send email and even attachments from your browser. The email composition feature sports an Address Book, Stationery, Signatures and Spell Checker with customizable dictionary.
  • It will allow you to set a cookie in your web browser so it remembers your password when you login again from the same computer and browser.
  • The Expiring Passwords feature allows you to login and check your email from other computers and have your password expire when you log out moving on to the next password on a prearranged list.
  • The Search Engine allows you to search all your POP accounts and mail directories quickly.
  • The Email Pager feature redirects copies of emails from important people to your mobile phone. Allowing you to get important emails even when you are away from a computer.
  • It has a White List, Black List, and an Email Address book.
  • Powerfully accurate Bayesian style word pair filters allow you to teach the program which emails are good and which are spam with only a couple mouse clicks. There's no need to program filters with good or bad words and phrases. The program simply "learns" from you as you sort your mail and after a while, it will sort your mail better than you can. Well, almost.
  • An optional Quarantine Log Report can be emailed to you each day detailing the number of spams filtered on your server and a summary of the From and Subject headers. If it all looks like spam, you don't even need to login.
  • An IP address logging security feature prevents people from trying to guess your admin password. It blocks IP addresses from entering guesses after a defined number of failed attempts.
  • Report a spam to SpamCop.net with just one click.
  • Many look and feel customization options such as font size, colors, background color, wallpaper, etc.
  • Installation is so easy we'll do it for you at no extra charge if you need help.

Screen Shots:

System requirements:
  • DAS works with BOTH "mail file" and "mail directory" email systems on Unix and Linux servers. Your server must have a Perl 5 interpreter, cronjobs and you must have FTP and read/write access to your POP email account files on the server. Your personal computer type and operating system doesn't matter as long as you can access the internet with a browser.
  • FTP access is only needed to upload the script and chmod it 755 and chmod your POP email files/directories as writable. After that, it's all managed via your web browser! If you need any help uploading the script we'll do it for you.
  • We're developing it to work on Windows servers too. If your server is Windows, let us know and we can notify you when it's ready.
  • View the ReadMe.

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Online technical support is available with all Dansie Anti Spam purchases. This includes answers to any questions you may have about it's many features and help with installation if you require assistance. A license is a one time charge and there are no monthly fees.

Software License Agreement:
Use of the Dansie Anti Spam software is subject to the terms of the license agreement. By using this software you signify that you have read the license agreement and accept its terms. Your purchase of a Dansie Anti Spam software license entitles you to one (1) working copy of the script per license. You may NOT copy, reproduce, resell, or give away copies of the script in any way shape or form. A license is nontransferable from person to person. You may make one back up copy should something happen to the working copy on your host. You may not make any modifications to the Dansie Anti Spam script except as instructed in the ReadMe. The text links, graphic links, logos and copyright credit to http://www.dansie.net must remain in the script free of modification and appear on the various pages of Dansie Anti Spam script. Violation of this license agreement may void your right to technical support and subject you to legal action.
Dansie Anti Spam
Version 3.0 Copyright © July 1, 2006
Version 1.0 Copyright © December 17, 2001

Refund Policy:
One working copy of the Dansie Anti Spam script can potentially filter spam from an unlimited number of POP accounts on the same server, providing the server has sufficient system resources. Your server must be Unix or Linux with standard sendmail, a Perl 5 interpreter, cronjobs and you must have FTP and read/write access to your POP email account files on the server. We will not be held responsible for the limitations of your server's system resources or lack of minimum requirements. Make sure that your server meets the minimum requirements before you order. 30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase if Dansie Anti Spam does not run on your server as advertised. If necessary, we will FTP in and get it running for you. For any and all other reasons, all software license sales are final and are non-refundable.

I have read the software license agreement and refund policy and accept their terms.
I have confirmed that my POP email server does meet the requirements.

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