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Standard Version With Installation US$200

Installation includes: We will install the Perl script on your host, set most of the variables in your variables file, get it running, create one test page and provide plenty of technical support.

License Agreement:

Use of the Dansie Pages software is subject to the terms of the license agreement. By using this software you signify that you have read the license agreement and accept its terms. Your purchase of a Dansie Pages software license entitles you to one (1) working copy of the script per license. You may NOT copy, reproduce, resell, or give away copies of the script in any way shape or form without first purchasing additional licenses. You may make one back up copy should something happen to the working copy on your host. You may not make any modifications to the Dansie Pages script except as instructed in the ReadMe. The small text link and credit to http://www.dansie.net must remain in the script and appear at the bottom of the various pages of the script. Violation of this license agreement may void your license without refund, your right to technical support and subject you to legal action.
Dansie Pages
Copyright © 2013

Refund Policy:
Make sure that your web host allows you to run CGI Perl scripts on your website before you order. A refund will be issued only under all of the following conditions:
  1. The client agrees to contact us and try to resolve any problems BEFORE contacting their credit card company or PayPal.
  2. The client must cite the location of the feature of the Dansie Pages software in the ReadMe documentation or on the website that is not working/running as advertised.
  3. The claim must be made within 30 days of the date of the software license purchase.
  4. The client must provide us with FTP access to install the script, run tests and trouble shoot in order to diagnose and resolve the stated problem.
If we cannot resolve the problem, the client will be issued a full refund. For any and all other reasons, all software license sales are final and are non-refundable. This license agreement and refund policy is a contractual agreement that the client understands and consents to be bound by prior to purchasing the software license.

Please type the following into the TEXTAREA below:
"I have read the software license agreement and refund policy and agree to be bound by their terms."

Signature: Your full first and last name as appears on your credit card or PayPal account:

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